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1st Year

Lost Ones

...Lucy turned to follow Kestra and bumped right into Mr. Teller.

"Whoa, where's the fire?" he asked with a laugh. "Aren't you girls going to watch the game?"

"Forgot to do something in the stables," Lucy said, moving past him. "Can't talk."

"Better run then," Mr. Teller said, sitting down beside the boys. "What did they forget to do?"

"We don't ask," Spencer said. "We just wait for instructions and, if there are none, we stay put."

Mr. Teller laughed.

"Well, I hope whatever it is isn't serious," he said.

"They're bordering neurotic sometimes, Sir," Ethan said. "They'll get there, find out they didn't forget whatever they think they forgot, because they check and double-check everything as usual, and come back looking sheepish and ready for teasing."

"Or to cover the mistake they'll stay and pamper the guest," Spencer added, "and have a tall tale for us later."

"The Pegasus," Mr. Teller nodded. "She's our most famous visitor this year.  Well, boys, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the game.  I hear the power of the Pegasus more than outweighs the excitement of sports events."

* * * * * *

"They think we're overreacting," Lucy said breathlessly, as they reached the stables.

"They just want to watch the game," Kestra said opening the stall.

The Pegasus spread her wings, but didn't back away as Kestra approached.

"She says she's up for it," Kestra reported.

"Are we too heavy for her?" Lucy asked. "We don't want to hurt you."

The Pegasus shook her mane, then knelt down to let both girls mount her.  The Pegasus rose and walked out of the stable.

"Hang on," Lucy said. "This isn't going to be anything like riding a broom or a horse."

"Yeah, there's nothing really to hang on to," Kestra agreed as the Pegasus took off. "Over the forest.  We're not sure what we're looking for."

Soaring high over the forest, the girls could see and hear the Broom Hockey perfectly.

"This is one vantage point few people will get at a Broom Hockey game," Lucy said over the rushing sound of the wind and the swoosh of the wings.

"I just hope Mr. Juno doesn't see us up here," Kestra said "He didn't say not to ride her but he didn't say we could either."

"Don't listen so closely to those two," Lucy said.  "Besides, Teller might have held us up if they didn't stay behind.  Kes, look down at that area of trees.  Does it look odd to you?"

Kestra looked down at a dark patch in the already dark growth of trees below them.

"Can we get any lower?" Kestra asked the Pegasus.

The winged horse swooped down closer to the trees where there was definitely a square block of trees that seemed to have been magically altered.

"It's a portal," Lucy said, leaning over the side.

"You're pulling the Pegasus off balance, Luce," Kestra said. "Don't lean so..."

At that moment, Lucy slid off the horse.

    "LUCY!" Kestra cried, pulling out her wand and trying to slow the fall. 

    But Lucy hit the portal and disappeared into the trees.

    "Come on, Pegasus!  We need to get the boys!"

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