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Canadian Author L. M. Quinpool (known in her daily life as Laura Regan) is hopeful that her two series 'Children Of The Amulet' andCalendrial will show a fair popularity. Great Great Niece of Nova Scotia's John Regan who wrote 'First Things In Acadia'under the name John Quinpool, Miss Quinpool has been writing fiction and fantasy since she was 10 and takes great pride in her books and her inherited pen name.

"When I got to the publishing point, I decided to take the family pen name because initially I thought it was better to have a pen name and it made my family very happy that the name would be passed on. 'Volume 1: Fight for Chrystalina' is the first book in my series 'The Children Of The Amulet'. It's the first I've even come close to being ready to publish and it won’t be the last.”

Her paperback publisher Ray Coderre of Baico Publishing is equally enthusiastic about the series and has not only republished the first volume, but has published 'Volume 2: Battle Of The Empire' and 'Volume 3: Hope and Victory'. He has accepted and intends print Volume 4: The Final Scene’ when circumstances permit.

Miss Quinpool is also proud to announce that the rumored second series, entitled 'Calendrial', has been accepted by Mr. Coderre. Though there is no firm release date it is hoped the first book, 'Lost Ones' will be out soon.

In the meantime, Miss Quinpool has joined the e-book publishing company Smashwords and has posted, or intends to post, not only Volumes 1—4 of The Children of the Amulet but the Calendrial Series of books starting with Lost Ones.

Aside from writing, Miss Quinpool has many other interests including nature photography and jewelry design, as well as listening to a wide range of musical artists, writing lyrics, singing, and playing the piano.

Miss Quinpool has a college diploma as a specialist in Developmental Services from which she has developed a keen interest in learning sign language and helping children of all ages and skills to reach their full potential. She has an undergrad BA in Honours Linguistics with a Psychology minor and a BA in Psychology and is now working with small groups of children in an educational setting.

“I hope to eventually get into the area of Speech and Language Pathology, maybe when the books take off I’ll be able to afford it.”

Miss Quinpool goes on to thank the people who have helped her along the way, especially her younger cousins who inspired her in her writing. Two of those cousins were initially cover designers for her the COTA series and another cousin has taken up writing.

“I am very proud of all of my cousins in whatever they do. Though Chris and Sarah have since moved on and I am updating the cover designs myself, they are still very talented and I will be forever thankful,  for the initial cover designs they created for my first three books and the great insight during the writing process. I am also so very proud of my cousin Stephanie, especially for her writing talent and I am sure she will publish her first book soon.”

When asked what the future holds, Miss Quinpool replies...

"I'm not sure. I have a lot of ambitions. The combination of the 'COTA' series and 'Calendrial' series, photography and jewelry design takes a lot of time. I hope to eventually publish all my books in paperback format with Baico, as circumstances permit. Aside from that, as I said, I would like to get into Speech and Language Pathology, maybe learn more Sign Language and/or maybe some other languages and Maybe, even pursue my musical talent by recording my own lullaby album. We'll see what happens. It all takes time and money and right now those aren't things I have in abundance. Time will tell..."