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World of the Magical Arts

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Text Box: Lucy Kensington and Spencer Addison thought their academic lives were all about science and history until one day everything changed. Join them as they discovered the world of the magical community, learn talents that the outside scientific world would be at a loss to explain as history presents them with a whole new future. 
England has such schools and now... So does Canada... 
Welcome Calendrial School of the Magical Arts.

1st Year—Lost Ones

What do you do when you’re torn between the Magical and Non-Magical World? Which would you choose? And what do you do when your enemy tries to force your hand?

More than one of the young Lost Ones will face similar questions and many more as they uncovering new allies, new information and more than a few surprises, all the while learning new spells and other useful tools at...

Calendrial School of the Magical Arts

Year 2

2nd Year—Between Worlds

The ultimate question: What is behind that closed door... And do you really want to know?

3rd Year—Behind The Door

How do you trust someone when they leave you with so many questions?

4th Year—The Unknowns

Coming Soon

The Books

What would you do if your enemy is closer than you think?

5th Year: Enemy Within

Coming Soon

Questions, secrets, mysteries and surprises... Would you want the power to uncover the truth no matter how close to home it brought you?

6th Year: Power Within

Coming Soon

How do you trust someone when they leave you with so many questions?

7th Year The Lost Army

Coming Soon

And Now the time as come for the famous final scene... Or has it?

8th Year: Lost Time

Coming Soon

What happens after all is said and done, after all the battles are fought... But have they all been won?

9th Year: Epilogue

Coming Soon